What is Brandgility?

Brandgility is an easy-to-use Self-Service Collateral platform built for creative automation. Underpinned by a dynamic Asset Library and powerful Template Studio, Brandgility allows end users to quickly find and customize assets for on-brand print and digital creation and activation.

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How Brandgility works


Self-Service Collateral Portal

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Users can quickly locate everything
needed to stay on brand

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Modify and localize material with brand guidelines to meet specific requirements

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Download output for digital adverts or automatically send print-ready files to commercial printers


Asset Library

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A place for all the assets users need. Upload them directly or sync them with existing data stores

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Add metadata to assets so admins can control access and users can easily find what they are looking for

template studio

Template Studio

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Quickly and easily create dynamic templates from scratch with intuitive drag-and-drop UI

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Import and convert existing Adobe artwork into powerful templates in minutes


What makes Brandgility different?

So much more than a DAM, Brandgility is an end-to-end platform that plays nicely with third-party systems to help organizations boost internal productivity while saving money. We are globally-minded in every way, accommodating size, scale, and language requirements for quick, easy self-service branding.

Build your own templates internally, anytime

Skip the agency and empower your internal team to make pre-populated, on-brand master templates that can be quickly & easily customized by end users.

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Create with your existing Adobe Creative Cloud files

Your design team can quickly produce content by importing existing InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop files using our simple Adobe plugins.

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Sync with third-party DAM or use built-in storage

Integrate with your preferred external Data Asset Management (DAM) system or securely store and organize your creative assets using our internal storage option.

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Scale to meet all size and dimension requirements

Your layout will stay intact with click-and-drag, dimension-changing functionality that lets your designs flow dynamically to meet all size requirements.

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Customize multiple assets at once across your campaign

Adapt multiple creative assets at once by simultaneously populating input across your campaign with Brandgility’s patented kitting feature.

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Navigate platform and localize content in any language

Navigate the platform in any language while producing multilingual content with multibyte characters, left-to-right text, and right-to-left text.

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Brandgility AI Assistant

Brandgility harnesses the power of an 'AI Assistant' to revolutionize the creation and customization of marketing materials.

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Ease of use is highly beneficial in a franchise environment

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The Brandgility philosophy

Brandgility is founded on three guiding principles: Speed, Scale, and Control. We help put any size organization’s brand assets in market fast while maintaining consistency and brand reputation.

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Get brand
assets in
market faster

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Flex to fit the changing needs of any organization

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Maintain consistency & brand reputation

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