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With your workforce distributed across multiple locations, it’s clear that coordinating your marketing efforts is a complex task. Your marketing team, while dedicated and skilled, is often overworked, struggling to respond to requests from the workforce in a timely manner. This delay inevitably frustrates your workforce, who may then take matters into their own hands in an effort to keep things moving.

But this well-intended initiative leads to an even bigger issue – your brand begins to suffer. Without the strategic direction and brand guidelines provided by your marketing team, the workforce may unintentionally misuse the brand, resulting in inconsistent branding across different regions or departments.

The consequences of this situation are significant:

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Losing time

When your marketing team is overloaded and workforce members start creating their own marketing materials, time is wasted in duplicating efforts. Rather than focusing on their primary tasks, your workforce is now spending their time trying to fill in for the marketing team.

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Losing money

These inefficiencies, redundancies, and delays can cost your business money. Not only are resources being misallocated, but the resultant poor quality or off-brand materials can negatively impact customer perception and thereby your bottom line.

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Brand inconsistency

Consistency in branding is key to recognition, trust, and loyalty. If different departments are producing their own materials without adhering to brand guidelines, your brand identity may become diluted or confused. This inconsistency can weaken your brand’s standing in the market.

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Late to market

These days, time-to-market is crucial. Delays in producing and approving marketing materials can result in missed opportunities, allowing your competitors to gain an edge.

To solve these problems, it’s necessary to implement a solution that can streamline communication between your workforce and marketing team, standardize branding guidelines, and manage workload effectively. With such a solution, you can ensure brand consistency, improve efficiency, save money, and boost your speed-to-market.

What can you do about it?

One of the most effective solutions is the implementation of a centralized, digital marketing collateral portal. This digital platform serves as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs, providing readily available, brand-aligned templates that teams across various locations can access anytime.

With this technology, your marketing requests are no longer dependent on one overworked team. Instead, they’re transformed into a self-service operation. Employees across your various locations can now create the materials they need, when they need them. And the best part? All the templates are designed to maintain brand consistency, so there’s no risk of diluting your brand image.

In addition, this technology offers scalability. As your business grows, you can easily add and update templates. Plus, with built-in analytics, you can track the usage of different collateral and gather insights to inform future marketing strategies.

By embracing such technological solutions, you can not only eliminate the delays in marketing requests but also empower your distributed workforce, protect your brand integrity, and drive your business forward.


How can
Brandgility help?

With over 25 years experience in this field, working with organizations of all sizes, Brandgility stands tall as one of the best self-service collateral platforms on the market for a multitude of reasons:

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Brand consistency

Brandgility excels in ensuring brand uniformity. It provides a repository of brand-aligned templates, greatly reducing the risk of brand misuse and guaranteeing a consistent brand image across all touchpoints.

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Empowering distributed teams

Brandgility enables remote teams to self-serve their marketing needs. This democratization of access to marketing materials leads to efficiency, reducing delays, and ensuring marketing initiatives are timely and effective.

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Exceptional support

Brandgility offers outstanding support to ensure smooth onboarding and continued use. They provide training and resources to help teams quickly get up to speed with the platform.

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Adaptable & scalable

Brandgility is easily scalable to accommodate the growth and changes within your organization. New templates can be added and existing ones can be updated to keep up with evolving brand guidelines.

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Data-driven insights

Beyond creating marketing collateral, Brandgility offers valuable insights by tracking the usage of various templates. This data can help organizations understand what types of collateral are most effective and can inform future marketing strategies.

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Relieving marketing team stress

By converting the marketing request process into a self-service operation, Brandgility allows marketing teams to focus more on strategic and creative tasks. This reduces burnout, enhances productivity, and leads to better marketing outcomes.

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Tailored for agility

As its name suggests, Brandgility is built to provide marketing agility. It’s a robust platform that empowers distributed teams with the tools they need to quickly create, customize, and distribute brand-compliant marketing materials, reducing dependency on a centralized team.

Brandgility is a comprehensive solution that addresses common marketing challenges faced by distributed workforces, making it a leading choice in the self-service marketing collateral platform market.

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