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The Asset Library is Brandgility’s built in DAM (Digital Asset Management) system. A centralized repository for storing, organizing, managing, accessing, and distributing digital assets. These assets typically include photos, videos, audio files, graphics, presentations, documents, and other media files. The Asset Library streamlines the process of managing and distributing brand assets, ensuring that everyone has access to the correct materials they need to represent the brand consistently and effectively.

Available in:

Essential Edition
Professional Edition
Enterprise Edition
Centralized Storage

Centralized Storage

Store everything in one place.

Access Controls

Access Controls

Control who can access which asset.

Easy to Find

Easy to Find

Categorize your assets with metadata.

Important content,
all in one place

While providing a digital asset management as part of its platform, Brandgility’s Brand Center is much more than a DAM. It is a full-scale storage-to-distribution system built to help brands empower their admins and end users to create, customize, and activate. This process starts by having key content all in one secure, easy-to-navigate place - the Asset Library. Brandgility is built to integrate with any third-party DAM and also offers Adobe plugins for seamless template creation and customization


  • Import all types of media for multichannel digital and print production
  • Bring together files from across your organization to a single location
  • Sync with your third-party DAM
  • Keep creative assets secure in a password-protected digital vault
  • Regulate who has access to which files through secure permissions


  • Manage all your creative assets in one simple-to-search place
  • Group and order creative assets for quick and easy access
  • Tag for metadata-based retrieval
  • Easily access creative assets with lightning-fast search functionality
  • Quickly update and organize your library with the latest branding assets

Batch Edit

  • Streamlined Batch Editing throughout the Brandgility Asset Library
  • Select and edit asset category types, names, and activity status in batches
  • Effortlessly group assets into collections for efficient management
  • Simplified group naming, ensuring clarity and consistency

How Brandgility can help with organizing your digital asset library

Take control of your digital asset library and streamline your brand management process with Brandgility's powerful platform. Our intuitive solution empowers you to store, organize, and distribute your assets efficiently, ensuring brand consistency across all channels. Say goodbye to scattered files and disorganized workflows.

Brandgility's centralized digital asset library, coupled with advanced features like batch editing and seamless integrations, will revolutionize how you manage your brand's valuable assets. Don't let disorganization hold your brand back – unlock its full potential today.

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How Brandgility can help with organizing your digital asset library